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Sleep Soundly and Reduce Anxiety with Californian Poppy + Valerian: Exploring a Natural Solution with HIGHR

The Californian Poppy and Valerian Root Extract are included in the HIGHR G&T for good reason.

In a recent study, scientists wanted to see if a combination of two plant extracts, Eschscholtzia californica Cham (Californail Poppy) and Valeriana officinalis L (Valrian Root) could help people who struggle with sleep disorders and anxiety.

They gave adults with adjustment insomnia (which is when people have trouble sleeping due to a life change or stress) a supplement made of the two plant extracts every night for four weeks.The supplement was well tolerated and had positive effects.

The participants' insomnia severity score decreased by 30%, their sleep duration increased, and they had fewer and shorter awakenings during the night.

The participants also felt less anxious. These results suggest that this combination of plant extracts may be helpful for people struggling with sleep and anxiety, and more research is needed to confirm this.

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Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before consuming HIGHR if you're unsure of any of the ingredients. Not reccommended for pregnant women or children.


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