"HIGHR Is Putting the Buzz in Non-Alcoholic Drinks" - Broadsheet – No and Low Drinks Co
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"HIGHR Is Putting the Buzz in Non-Alcoholic Drinks" - Broadsheet


"As many Aussies start drinking less, we’re looking for better alternatives. For Tim Triggs, that meant crafting drinks of his own with interesting and complex flavours. Now, he’s finding ways to add some potency to alcohol-free options"

Nootropics, adaptogens and “magic” plants

Triggs is fascinated by compounds called nootropics (caffeine is one) and adaptogens, as well as other “functional” ingredients. “Usually when you’re talking about nootropics, you’re talking about brain function – things that help you increase focus or maybe remove any jitteriness,” Triggs says. “Adaptogens are pretty similar. They help plug holes where you might be deficient.”



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