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Introducing the No & Low Drinks Co


Our mission is simple: to craft drinks that stand out for their exceptional taste and the rich stories behind them.

Since 2017, we've been pioneering the non-alcoholic scene in Australia with a commitment to native ingredients and partnerships with Indigenous-owned suppliers.

Our focus is on ethically sourced components and creating progressive drinks that expand the horizons of what alcohol-free can offer.

Locally-crafted, Australian-Made, Award-winning drinks.

The No & Low Drinks Co is a place to showcase great drinks, as well as the people and collaborations behind them. Whether you want to shop, stock your venue, or create your own n/a drink, we look forward to connecting. 

Our Philosophy

A celebration of top-quality ingredients, the thrill of learning about ingredients, and the art of experimentation with new production techniques.

The drinks you'll find here are designed to intrigue and delight, inviting everyone to explore and enjoy, regardless of them having no alcohol.



I'm Tim

Hi, I'm Tim Triggs, the guy behind The No & Low Drinks Co. It's been quite the journey since I decided that life's too grand to experience anything less than fully present, which for me, meant saying goodbye to alcohol in 2015. With a love for my hometown of Sydney and a bit of backyard ingenuity, I started what became Sydney's first non-alcoholic spirits brand in 2017.

My philosophy is pretty simple: make drinks that taste great and can be enjoyed by everyone. I focus on quality ingredients and love to tinker with new ways to make our beverages. It's been an honor to see this passion recognized with awards like Delicious Magazine's Producer of the Year and Australian Producer of the Year at the New York International Spirits Awards.

Collaborating with remarkable people like Ben Tyler from Kakadu Kitchen and Chase Kojima have been some of the many highlights along the way.

Every drink we make has a story, and I can't wait to share them with you.

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Producer of the Year - Australian Alcohol-free

**New York International Spirits Competition**

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Gold Medal

**World Alcohol-Free Awards London**

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ISWC - Gold

** HIGHR Spirits - Gold Medal**

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Featured post

🏆GOLD MEDAL - HIGHR SPIRITS - Win Gold at the World Alcohol-Free Awards

We're absolutely thrilled to share the amazing news that our drink collaboration with the incredibly gifted Chase Kojima has pulled home the coveted Gold Medal at the World Alcohol-Free Awards.  The HIGHR G&T...

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"These non-alcoholic drinks are as good as the real thing" - AFR, 2023

"These non-alcoholic drinks are as good as the real thing" AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW - MAX ALLEN, 2023 The latest release from Sydney non-alc specialists ALTD Spirits, this limited-release collaboration with...

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GOING BUSHNEW DRINK: GREEN ANT (KABOH) G&T This August, bush-food guru, proud Bininj man, and close friend, Ben Tyler and I (Tim Triggs) will brave the bite, foraging for Green Ants in...

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Gormet Traveller: The latest release from Sydney non-alc specialists ALTD Spirits

    Thanks to the Gormet Traveller Team for the lovely words. Read the full article here: https://www.afr.com/life-and-luxury/food-and-wine/these-non-alcoholic-drinks-are-as-good-as-the-real-thing-20230125-p5cfbu   "The latest release from Sydney non-alc specialists ALTD Spirits, this limited-release...

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Featured post

Featured post

*New beer* BREWTROPIC: "Day in Lieu" - Cherries, Cacao & Conut Kriek

Cherry season's coming. We've made a beer that makes you feel like you've had an extra day off. Inspired by the inimitable Cherry Ripe, Day in Lieu's a cacao and...

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Featured post


  We’re proud to share the news that ALTD Spirits won a Trophy at the 2023 Delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards. Yeeharr! We won the In The Bottle (No-Lo) category, which we’re really psyched...

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about me

I am just a dude who woke up one day with a massive hangover and said, “Enough is fucking enough!”

If you're interested in learning more about founder, Tim. Read his story here:



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