*New beer* BREWTROPIC: "Day in Lieu" - Cherries, Cacao & Conut Kriek – No and Low Drinks Co
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*New beer* BREWTROPIC: "Day in Lieu" - Cherries, Cacao & Conut Kriek

Cherry season's coming.
We've made a beer that makes you feel like you've had an extra day off. Inspired by the inimitable Cherry Ripe, Day in Lieu's a cacao and coconut Kriek designed to give you maximum relaxation, in essence it's a beer to help you recharge.
Sour Cherries and Magnesium for better sleep, Cacao for a mood lift, and coconut because it's tasty. It's made with pale and Vienna malts, and rested on charred American oak for some added complexity.
We've added a healthy dose of enigma hops for the red fruit notes (and because we liked the name of the strain).
Coming September. Pre-order now.
#aussienostalgia #cherryseason #cherryripe
#brewtropic #nonlacoholic #alcoholfree #beer
#craftbeernotcrapbeer #independent #dayinlieu

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