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Alcohol-Free Cocktail (Note: This is not a mocktail)

Dive into this killer mix, it’s got a load of Aussie non-alc goodness in it.

Big shout out to David Murphy, the Flavour architect from Lyre's Spirit Co. With a fancy title like that, it needed to be more than good—it needed to be freaking great. Guess what? It is!

It’s got the legendary shrubs from Genna & Katrina of Pyewackets and the bang-on tasty Ginger beer from the Melbourne legends, Midnight Mixers. And don’t forget Sydney's first (I know - no one cares) AF spirit the Green Grocer. We've been through a lot together and it's morphed over the years, like its Cicada namesake, into the splendid concoction it is today.
Mix this up. It’s dead easy.



  • Just add it all over lots of ice
  • Blood Orange garnish

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